Actively support the Infant Viability Bill

May 23, 2016 , In: THANKS

Like most dreams, mine are usually too disjointed to make sense of.

But a few nights ago, I had a dream that I was stepping into an abortion clinic. On me was a heavy weight of desperation. I had no other choice but to be there.

I understood then that feeling like abortion is the only option can happen to any woman, even to me.

The Members of the Legislative Council of Victoria have a critical vote to cast on Wednesday, 25th of May 2016.

Can you please call on them to make a vote that will make our state more just and loving to all women and children?

Would you please support the Infant Viability Bill that will ensure that when women are at their most vulnerable, they do not feel that abortion is the only way out?

Would you write each Member an email and persuade them to vote for the life-saving bill?

Would you act to save the lives of babies?

I am certain at one point in your life you have wondered if you could ever make a real change and impact lives.

This is your chance.

For too long has Victoria had the most horrendous, inhumane abortion laws… presenting a fake solution to real struggles and leaving women even more lost.

For too long have we been too busy with other things when hundreds of beautiful babies are killed and left to die.

The Members of the Legislative Council have a simple decision to make this Wednesday: will they choose to condemn these beautiful children to death or will they take part in saving their lives?

You have the same decision to make right now.

I pray you take part in saving the lives of babies and loving their mothers.

Australia is a representative democracy.

The leaders we elect are meant to govern on our behalf… how can they do so if they do not hear from us? From you?

If we can spend an hour whiling away on Facebook, we have a spare hour to write those letters and convince our friends to do the same.

I look forward to hearing you speak for the Infant Viability Bill.

Support Infant Viability Bill

Love all babies and mothers

Infant Viability Bill

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Rachel Herweynen

Teaching Principal

Alive because of Jesus. My husband Cameron and I have the privilege of living and working in a remote indigenous community, our home, Gäwa on Elcho Island, Australia. What a joy to not only be principal and teacher but also granddaughter, mother, aunty, child and mother-in-law. Above all, always daughter of the King.

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