Why my husband will make a great teacher

October 4, 2015 , In: TEACH

A letter to my husband who I know will make a great teacher. 

Dear Cameron,

You’re only days away from stepping into an RMIT lecture hall to teach your first photography class.


Our Lord is pretty amazing, isn’t He? From dreaming of teaching since you graduated, to wanting to fully turn away from photography, to now, starting Captura Photography Workshops (check it out, friends!) and teaching at the prestigious RMIT University in Melbourne. Praise God! I’m so happy to be your suitable helper, my Love.

Here’s a list of reasons why I’m sure you’ll make a great teacher.

  1. You do the groceries.

‘What’s that got to do with the price of fish?’ I know that’s what you’re thinking as you read the first reason. You don’t have to do the groceries and I never really asked you to, but you just took on that role though others might think that should be my job. You’ll make a great teacher because you do helpful things without being asked.

  1. You love to garden.

I’m glad you got over your childhood fear of getting your hands dirty and now have your Mum’s and Opa’s love for cultivating things that grow. I’ve killed all the plants you’ve given me (even the hardy succulent) and the latest pot plant I own is alive only because you water it. I hope I don’t oversimplify but your classroom is like a garden. With your hands-on care, eye for detail, regular watering and weeding, you’re sure to help your students grow.

  1. You like to laugh.

Your students will love you for it and you’ll put them at ease with your generous laughter.

  1. You are a gifted photographer.

When I first met you and found out that you were a photographer, I was a bit afraid to check out your website, for fear it might be awkward if your photos weren’t good. Thankfully, you actually have a gift! As my Dad would say, you have an eye for beauty, an artist’s eye. Through your photos and experience, it will be clear to students that you know what you are talking about.

  1. You are passionate.

Since getting the job, you keep talking about how you want to inspire students. You are not content to only stick to the teaching resources given to you but want to make them better. You have countless bright ideas on how to engage students and help them make the most of their time with you.

  1. You’re a leader.

You lead our lovely, rowdy, opinionated Bible study group week by week in humility. I know you love our group though we can be challenging, especially when we start going off tangent and giggling. If you can manage us, I think you’re ready for any class.

  1. Your God who called you to this work is with you.

Best of all, you’ll make a great teacher because of the great God we serve. He will be your strength, your shield, your hope, your fortress, your source of wisdom – as in all of life.

As your teacher wife, I feel like I should end with some tips.

  1. Read my series on ‘How to be a better teacher’. 😉
  2. Remember the privilege you have. Your students give you their time and attention, make it worth their while.
  3. See all your students. You might not like all of them at the start but make an effort to get to know them. We’re in the best place to teach and grow our students when we know them.
  4. Be organised. Sort and store paperwork in a way that makes sense to you, always know your priorities for each lesson and share learning goals with the students.
  5. Commit each day, each lesson to God. How cool and mind-blowing is it that first and foremost, we are God’s servant? Pray that you might always honour our Lord in what you think, speak and do.
  6. It’s okay not to know everything. You know I struggled with this in my first year of teaching. I felt like I would lose credibility if there was a question I couldn’t answer, a concept I couldn’t understand or a task I didn’t know to do. I’ve learnt it’s okay. Your students don’t expect you to know everything and neither do your colleagues.
  7. Teaching is so. much. fun.

I’m so proud of you.

Welcome to the teaching world!


Your Rach

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