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June 17, 2016 , In: TEACH

One of my favourite school assemblies of the year is Founders’ Day where we honour the families who came together to pray for, plan and raise money to build the beginnings of Donvale Christian College. I was close to tears the first time I attended one because there’s something special and powerful in looking back and seeing God’s faithfulness through the years. DCC is 41 this year.

To honour our beloved school and to keep with our gratefulness theme for Fridays, I’m listing 5 things I love about DCC:

  1. It feels like home.

I never heard the word ‘community’ thrown around as much as I did during my orientation days as a first year staff member. Everyone I met always gushed about the great Donvale ‘community’ I was getting into. It wasn’t long before I saw what they meant. DCC feels like home. People actually care for each other. There’s freedom to be yourself. And you know how it’s the people closest to you who can challenge you to be better? Relationships between staff have that depth.

Check out our first end-of-the year staff video

  1. We have a team culture.

This applies not only to teams of teachers collaborating but also to parents. I love that parents are our partners. In talking about each individual child, we know that we are all on the same team – one that seeks to help each student grow in all areas of life. It doesn’t mean we’re all always on the same page but we work hard to reach an understanding because our intentions are often very similar.

Donvale Christian College Primary Team

The people I get to change the world with

  1. Respective roles are honoured.

Even though there is a lot of work to do as a teacher, I appreciate that at Donvale Christian College, the organizational structure is clear and people take their respective roles seriously. The result? I don’t feel like I have to do someone else’s job. I can rely on the various people in charge of different things. Do iPads and Surface Pros need fixing? I can send students to the I.T. Department and know that the issues will be addressed. Do I need groceries for an upcoming lesson? I know I can send an email and consider it done.

  1. Students share their hearts.

One thing I was surprised by was how students love to get to know their teachers and to share stories with them. I’m not kidding when I say that every chance they get, students would come up and tell you about their weekend or why they had take-away as a family last night. My favourite is when they ask for you to pray – for a parent who’s applying for a new job, for God to help him be kind to his sister, for friendships to last.

  1. The Word and the Living Word are given their rightful place.

The sweetest days of my Uni life in the Philippines were when God first gave me a love for reading the Bible. I remember having my morning devotions until it was time to get ready for class and in my heart I sighed, ‘I wonder if I can get a job where I get paid to come in and just continue reading the Bible’.

I didn’t even know it was possible, but in true Lord-of-the-universe style, He not only answered my half-prayer, half-wondering but gave me more than I asked or imagined.

I didn’t even know it was possible, but in true Lord-of-the-universe style, He not only answered my half-prayer, half-wondering but gave me more than I asked or imagined.


At Donvale Christian College, I not only get to start the day with my students reading and discussing God’s Word but I’ve been encouraged and educated in how to weave the biblical story through everything, throughout the day.

Maths is not simply maths, it’s a way of understanding God’s designs and patterns in His creation. It’s also a tool for sharing resources and providing help for people around the world. A day is not simply any other day but part of the Lord’s plan in bringing us closer to Him.

And what about the Living Word, Jesus Christ?

An excerpt from the Donvale Christian College Educational Creed written more than forty years ago is still very much palpable as you enter the school. DCC teachers and parents pray for and work toward what really matters:

that the children come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Master, Whom to follow and serve in all spheres of life is their greatest privilege and joy.


This is a must-watch, I promise! Children’s take on ‘What would Jesus do?’

Videos by the legend, Brendan Deith


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    • megan
    • July 5, 2016

    it’s awww inspiring + mrs herweynen is my teacher this year i am in Donvale Christian College

  1. Reply

    It sounds like you’re part of a great community! I wish more places were like this. Imagine what a difference it would make.

  2. Reply

    Your school sounds like an amazing environment to work in! I am happy to have found your blog, I find your posts incredibly interesting.

    • Reply

      That’s very encouraging, Marianna! :) Thank you so much. One reason I’m able to blog is because there’s so many inspiring people and practices in our school. :)

    • menchierojas
    • June 17, 2016

    Congratulations Donvale Christian College on your 41st year anniversary! God bless everyone! Thank you Mrs. Herweynen for the beautiful write up.

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