The bright side: classroom stories

February 29, 2016 , In: TEACH

In my last post, I shared how enjoying our students is essential, even as our to-do list grows by leaps and bounds. Recording funny/special moments is always helpful and keeps our eyes on the bright side. Here are some classroom stories from the start of the year…

Overheard in the hallway,

Student to other students (and anyone who’d listen, really): We get our own Bibles! And they’re REAL Bibles! They’re adult Bibles! :)

Hey adults, hope we’re as excited as this with our ‘real’ Bibles!!!

During ‘free time’, when students get to do a quiet activity of their choice,

Student to me: The dictionaries are… awesome!

She then walked away to continue exploring her dictionary.

Whilst watching the video of a baby digging into a whole chocolate cake,

Boy: You better take it away from her or she’s going to vomit all over you.

Girl: That’s okay… Mums don’t mind.

Mums, what do you think?

A Year 2 student already thinking about the future (I teach Year 3s & 4s),

Student: Can I please be in your class next year?

Me: You’ll have to pray about it.

First thing she says when I see her the following week: Do I still have to pray to be in your class?


On yard duty, a Prep boy notices my scars from my psoriasis,

Boy: Why do you have many scars on your legs?

Me: My skin’s not very good at the moment. It’s a bit sad but it is getting better.

Boy: Look, I have a scar too (pointing to a miniscule one, trying his best to comfort me).

Touching moment!

As if working with beautiful, little humans isn’t fun enough, I get to work alongside amazing colleagues too! We bring in different strengths and so make a wonderful team. Here are interesting facts we shared to  students during our Level Assembly and they had to guess which teacher matched the fact. If you’re from Donvale Christian College, have a go at guessing!

  • Teacher 1: When I was 12 years old I competed in an 800-metre race where one of the runners was the junior world record holder and I won 4th place!
  • Teacher 2: I was an Australian Ice Skating Champion when I was 14.
  • Teacher 3: I went on to win the national championship and break the record for an athletics event.
  • Teacher 4: I was school captain in primary school.
  • Teacher 5: I poked the President of a country and had a photo taken with him.
  • Teacher 6: I flew an aeroplane over the MCG when I was 8 years old.
  • Teacher 7: I love to ride dirt bikes and I have made my own didgeridoo.

First to match all seven teachers with the correct interesting fact gets a special mention in my next post. :)

Happy rest of the week, everyone! I pray that this little post out a smile on your face. Keep looking on the bright side – I know it can be hard sometimes.

Peace & Joy,


the bright side: classroom stories

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