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November 14, 2015 , In: TEACH, THANKS

Growing up and even in my young adult life, there were very few people I actually knew that I looked up to. Maybe it’s from being prideful but I was never one easily impressed.

This changed since I started working where I am now, Donvale Christian College. I remember telling a friend that it’s a place with the highest concentration of people that I admire and really look up to. No workplace is perfect as its run by imperfect individuals – but wow, what difference it makes when so many rely on a Perfect God!

Before the year ends, I hope to feature all the members of my team along with a resource they have created or a teaching practice I admire them for. That leaves you with ideas to try!

Jennifer Flynn is one of the beautiful women I get to work with. She came up with a resource, a banner with Play Ideas for students because she noticed a few could use help in this during recess and lunch play. The banner includes fitness challenges, games, play spaces to explore and different lunchtime clubs our school runs. All these are fun, productive and creative, plus, they solve the problem of having too many kids in one space. Have a look!

Play Ideas For Students 1

Play Ideas For Students 2

This is just one of the things that prove how dedicated Jen is to helping her students, in and outside of the classroom. And there’s much more about Jen that I admire. Here’s a list:

  • Jen is one of the most teachable, most humble people I know. She has been in teaching for many more years than I have but she listens to every idea I share with excitement. She is always open to learning from other people!
  • Her words are always spoken with respect and gentleness, aiming always to encourage. She speaks life to those around her through thanking them and sharing how they have specifically made an impression on her. How Jen prays also reveals her heart that so relies on her Heavenly Father.
  • She challenges herself. One of her goals this year has been to make better use of technology in the classroom so she made time for it, no shortcuts! With the help of our colleague Brendan (another amazing person), Jen learnt to use Puppet Pals (iPad app) and inspired students to use it as a way of presenting a project.
  • Her love for students makes her come up with new ideas. The resource I shared above is just one example!
  • She is an exceptional wife and Mum. If I can be even a bit like her when I hopefully become a Mum, I would be happy. A few things I have learnt from her: driving time with your kids is precious, so encourage and treasure conversations during drives and before making big decisions as a couple, list pros and cons and give points to each item (a longer list of ‘pros’ does not necessarily mean a winner, it depends on the weight of each item).

I’m serious when I say I could keep going and give more examples of the lessons I have learnt from Jen’s example. I pray you too can have someone like her on your team one day. And if you already do, make sure to show your appreciation!

If you want a copy of Jen’s Play Ideas Banner, comment below or message me and I’ll happily send you the file. 

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