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October 18, 2015 , In: TRAVEL

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Now Melbourne has let some sun in, we are able to enjoy our beautiful Warrandyte.

The happy murmur of the Yarra River, the sudden swoosh as ducks skim across the water, yellow flowers smiling at the sun, gum trees framing the sky and the willows… oh the willows.

What’s not to love?

Riddled with quaint cafes and restaurants, you won’t go hungry in our little town. Warrandyte is especially popular on sunny weekends and parking can be a challenge but there’s always enough room for everyone!

At its busiest on special occasions like Mother’s Day, we find Stiggant Street always has spots available. This side is a 10-minute walk from the Bakery but it’s just as pretty!

Things to do in Warrandyte:

  1. Enjoy the best eclairs and vanilla slice you’ll ever have from the Warrandyte Bakery. Their pies and sausage rolls are worth a try too! One week, my husband had three days where he just had sausage rolls for lunch.
  2. Feed the ducks but NOT with bread. Please get duck food from the bakery by giving a gold coin donation that goes to a local animal hospital.
  3. Admire and buy local artwork from the Stonehouse Gallery.
  4. Find vintage treasures at Ratty & Moles Antiques.
  5. Take a break from walking and grab something to eat and drink at Nowandnotyet, a not-for-profit cafe whose earnings fund community projects.
  6. Explore the Riverside Market every first Saturday of the month.
  7. Have a picnic by the river (BYO or get something from the Fish n Chips shop).
  8. Enter our famous lolly shop, Warrandyte Lollies & Treats, with favourites from all around the world!
  9. By all means, walk along the river and linger.

Photography: Cameron Herweynen 

Questions and comments

    • Ate R'deen
    • October 22, 2015

    Beautiful! I should book your photographer-hubby for Laura’s senior photos next year! :)

    • Cathy Herweynen
    • October 19, 2015

    Just love Warrandyte myself! Love to visit the river, meander the shops , galleries and have something of a treat at the bakery- MMMM! Love from the mother -in-law , Cathy xx

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