Kids on kids

September 29, 2015 , In: TEACH

Here’s a glimpse of what kids sometimes think about other kids.

In class, one student asked me, ‘Do you want to have kids?’

Before I could answer, one boy piped up with such conviction, ‘I know why you don’t want to have kids. They give you headaches. Seriously!’

We do hope to have kids by the way. 

Advice I got from a Year 1 student during yard duty…

‘If you have kids, just have one. If you have two, they’ll fight and it’s annoying.’

Me: ‘Do you have siblings?’

Her: ‘I have a sister.’

I’m the youngest of 11. It wasn’t annoying for you, Mom, was it? 😉

On friendships, my female student asked me in frustration…

‘Why do girl friendship problems have to be so complicated? Boys never fight like we do.’

Answers, anyone?

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