Farewell, my dream class of 2015

December 20, 2015 , In: TEACH, THANKS

Dear 2015 Class,

Guess what I just got in the mail?

Tear Australia Handwritten note

I’m looking forward to having you all visit the classroom next year to see these for real! :)

The note is right, your kindness and generosity reflects Jesus’ compassion. I am so proud of all of you – however much you gave! I know many of you gave from your own pocket money or savings. I remember how you took the task of selecting gifts with care and joy. Your sacrifice will make a lot of difference in people’s lives, not just this Christmas, but long term. I hope it reminds you to be grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross to give us life.

Boys and girls, I’ve told you many times, you have been a dream class. I don’t think you just magically were but I believe, through having Jesus change us ‘little by little, everyday’, we all grew together and so had a phenomenal year of learning and laughter.

You are both the hardest and easiest group to let go of.

Hardest, because we have had the best times together, haven’t we? From our dance parties to paper plane competitions and our times reading the Bible and talking through what verses mean and what difference they make in our lives. I’ll miss your beautiful singing and how quick you are to learn songs. I’ll miss seeing you do your best even when topics are hard and watching your face light up when you start getting it! I’ll miss your prayers like, ‘Lord, please help us to do our best in maths even if some of us don’t like it’ and ‘Lord, what are you made of?’ I will miss your questions too such as ‘Is it wrong to want to be rich?’ I will miss how creative you are – making 3D thankyou cards, doing skits for the class just for fun and performing, ‘Unane hipeye, unane hipiye’. I will miss learning from your answers like when I asked you, ‘If you could say one thing to all teachers in the world to help them be better, what would you say?’

But praise God, it’s easy to let you go too because I have seen how you have grown so much this year. You own up to your mistakes and ask for forgiveness even when it’s not easy. You are quick to forgive too. You are honest and ask questions when you don’t understand, making it easy for me to help you. Your next teacher will love this about you too. Even when a topic isn’t your favourite, you do your best anyway so you can grow and reach that next level. You rejoice in every step and are grateful. You love others around you – you are helpful when they need it and happy when they do well.

Best of all, you have learnt to seek God. You know that you can be part of God’s family by believing and relying on Jesus, not by ‘being good’. You know how you can keep learning about Jesus. My heart has been overwhelmed with happiness seeing you enjoy reading your Bible, being amazed by all that God has done and trusting him as you pray. Through all these and more, I am confident that you are ready for your next class. You might not feel it but you are ready. You see, God will be with you.

Remember one verse in our favourite Psalm 139? I’m sure you can fill in the blanks (sing)… ‘Every day ordained for me was _________ in Your _____’.

Your next teacher will be so happy to have you.

I will see you around, lovely children!

Thank you.

Love, (Peace, Joy & Hope)

Mrs Herweynen

P.S. Please remember to show your love for your parents or grandparents and siblings – hug and spend time with them, obey and serve them, be patient with them and pray for them. They love you very much.

Oh, and have a look at my one-year old nephew’s reaction when I sang ‘Unane hipeye’ to him:

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