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August 29, 2015 , In: TEACH

‘How’s your teaching going?’ I often get asked when catching up with family and friends. My reply ‘very good’ followed by a few things we did during the week does not quite reflect the joys and challenges of being in a primary classroom. Then I wonder how much those who ask would like to hear or really understand.

Do I tell them how everyone in my class moved up in their spelling levels and how that makes me so happy and proud of them?

Do I tell them how some of my students pray, ‘Lord, please help us focus in Maths even if some of us don’t like it’?

Should I tell them about how my students remember the word ‘insurmountable’ because one student reckons it should be ‘inchicken-e-mountable’?

My students make me laugh and think all the time. I hope that through writing Classroom stories posts, I can give a better glimpse of what it is to spend about 30 hours a week with eight, nine and ten year-olds.

There is much laughter and much to learn.

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