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March 18, 2016 , In: THANKS

Today I bought a book about a startup company. I have little interest in business ventures but I finished it on the same day. The book? Chapter One by Daniel Flynn, co-founder of Thankyou.

I read page after page, laughing out loud on page 108 (e-book, first of many LOL moments) at the naïve audacity of the founders and then crying a few pages afterward at what I thought was the first miracle in the company’s life – getting their own bottle shape that should’ve cost $150,000, for free.

The first I heard of Thankyou, it was already a success story. Every time I came across it, it was always in that context of creating waves, proving again and again its success and bright future. So one thing I loved about Chapter One is how Dan Flynn recounts the many failures, the great faith and very real sacrifices they had to go through to get Thankyou where it is now. He speaks candidly, with guileless humour that gives you a peek into real struggles to achieve something remarkable, to be remarkable.

Honestly, I just want to share everything I learnt, the bits that got me laughing and crying whilst by myself (thankfully) and all the pages I took screenshots of (when I get the paperback, I’ll need to hold back highlighting half the book) but I don’t want to spoil the enjoyment of it.

You need to read it, so does that person beside you.


Are you in America or the Philippines or some other country and wondering why you should care about an Australian company trying to expand in New Zealand?

Well, Thankyou’s cause is combating world poverty – not as a concept but as a tangible reality, affecting the lives of 1 billion people who are just as important as you and me, 7 billion of us.

So wherever you are, I encourage you to keep reading, for your own sake, for your chance to be part of something phenomenal.


So what is Thankyou?

Ready? It’ll sound ridiculous but I promise you it’s true – it is a company that exists to lift people out of poverty, selling a range of everyday products (bottled water, food and body care) and giving 100% of its profits to fund safe water, food, and sanitation projects where they’re needed. Unlike conventional businesses who give out of its plenty as part of ‘corporate social responsibility’ and public relations, Thankyou is all about giving. That’s right, Thankyou exists for the cause.

It is hard to believe. Even as an optimist who believes in the good in people, I thought this sounded too good to be true. Surely the people behind it also want to make a lot of money for themselves… read on.

Who is this book for?

This is for you, the skeptic, who doubt that such a company could exist – one that cares about making profits, only to give it away to the poor. Surely they’re all just lining their pockets with money under the guise of the cause, right?

This is for you, the skeptic, who doubt that such a company could exist…


Make your decision after you read about how the founders struggled through their first three years, working odd jobs to make ends meet whilst Thankyou wasn’t making any money.

Read about why they exist and how Dan Flynn (co-founder, author, managing director) not only preaches it but proves it by being committed to the company for the long haul. He’s made himself a name and can earn a heap more if he takes another job at one of the multinational companies. But he won’t because his dreams are bigger than himself, his ‘why’ directs where he chooses to stay.

Read about why they exist and how Dan Flynn not only preaches it but proves it…


This is for you, the down-trodden dreamer. Do you feel like all your present sacrifices will come to nothing?

Read and be inspired. Greatness takes sacrifice and commitment. Failures are certain but so are lessons from each fall.

Read about how Thankyou’s story is filled with days where good news is almost always accompanied by bad, where with one win comes many obstacles.

This is for you, who doubt that you and your team can beat the ‘powers that be’.

Read about how you can change things by challenging how they are now. There’s a chapter especially for you, ‘High five the status quo in the face – with a chair’. Sounds extreme and intense. So is the task but it is possible.

This is for you, always looking for yet another way to change the world.

Thankyou’s dream is humongous. But it has always been with ordinary, everyday people in mind – coming together to support something bigger than themselves. It’s amazing that by making a switch to their products, you are directly contributing to our poor brothers and sisters, whose lives are as precious as yours and mine.

Thankyou products are made with excellence in mind too. Yes, they want you to buy them for the cause, but not at the expense of quality.

I can keep going on about Chapter One and Thankyou’s range of products but as my husband always says,

‘There’s only one way to find out…’


So buy that book.

Try the range.


For more information on how you’re funding the future with your purchase, visit Thankyou and watch the videos below.


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